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Recliner is a San Francisco band making music that is raw as it is refined. While this description might seem at odds with itself, it's a dyamic sound drawn from big guitars, a powerful rhythm section and sweet vocal harmonies. And just when you think you've pinned down their influences, they shift gears to create a sound that's all their own. At least that's what they tell people.

Here's what others have to say:

"...Their catchy, pounding, defiant, neurotic performance will make you want to shake your ass--believe me, take it from this ass."
--Jet, KUSF 90.3 FM, San Francisco

"The band's popularity in the Bay Area has been built on high-energy shows and musical tightness, as wess as the fact that singer/guitarist Kevin Seidel is one of the best rock vocalists I've heard in a long time. Recliner very well could be 'The Next Big Thing' out of San Francisco."
--The Davis Enterprise Newspaper

"Recliner play a contagious, danceable rock ala the Pixies, Cheap Trick and Social Distortion."

"[certain songs on Tranquilizer are] described as Nirvana meets sunny 60's-style guitar pop... but most of all the, the album is a lot of fun."
--Performer Magazine

"Recliner's sense of energy and off-kilter sense of humor are airborne infectious. Recliner is to music what Viagra is to--well, you get the idea."
--Score Music Magazine

"They're good boys. They eat their peas and watch their saturated fats. I don't know about their music though."
--Ward's Mom

"It's kind of unavoidable to like Recliner because the tracks are just so catchy."
--Left Off The Dial (.com)

"(Recliner's) Tranquilizer sounds like the Pixies on steroids, with a little coffee."
--Insomnia Radio (.net)

"It's time for people to sit up and take notice of San Francisco's Recliner..."After the Fog" is a clear winner.'"
--Insomnia Radio (.net)

"I can't stand people who cry that music is dead in San Francisco..I always KNOW a great scene is just around the corner. Recliner proves me right again."
--Nadine Condon

After the Fog (2008)

Recliner's newest release is also its most accomplished. Following in the footsteps of the band's successful 2006 release, Tranquilizer, they've again taken a varied songwriting approach with this record. You'll find devil-horned rockers mixed in with punk-rock blasts, and twelve-string janglers.

Also like Tranquilizer and Make and Friend, this record (or CD or download, whichever you prefer) was again recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco with Aaron Prellwitz (Sun Kil Moon, Death Cab for Cutie, Neil Young, Trans Am) at the helm. After the Fog marks the bands longest recording session to date...a whole 8 days. But what they may have lacked in time for recording, they made up for in preparation and actual recording techniques.

"We approached this one the same, but different," explains guitarist/vocalist Kevin Seidel. "First off, we were really prepared, and knew exactly what we had to do in the short time we had. Kinda like a crack military team, with guitars. Plus, I had just read the Recording the Beatles book, and we were very eager to try some of those techniques for ourselves."

What resulted was a record with the kind of ear-pleasing sonic sugar drops Recliner is known for - sweet vocal harmonies, big guitars, and gut-punching rhythms, all with that buttery, bacon, warm analog sound. Listen closely, and you'll hear some distinct tape-speed manipulation on drums and vocals, as well as the addition of Moog, Cruger, and the pages of a Nietsche paperback scraped along the strings of a baby grand piano.

"Even with all the things we did on After the Fog, it's got our signature sound, whatever that is," says Seidel. "I guess that means it's got our 'live' vibe, with the added bonus of extra textures thrown on top. Again, it's not an ELO record, but it's got enough things in the mix to make it fun to listen to in your headphones."

Recliner's music can be found at, and digitally at iTunes.

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